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Experience convenient and fast online shopping for your vehicle's outstanding Chevrolet wheels replacement. We cover the best choices of top-of-the-line Chevrolet wheels in our complete and comprehensive directory. Chevrolet wheels would not be the best sellers that they are if they weren't superior in quality and durability. Maintain your vehicle's best performance by taking advantage of the superb quality of Chevrolet wheels.

In due course, your wheels can fail. No matter how rigid they are, no matter how well you maintain them, they would still come to an end. Anyway, you can always replace your worn out wheels with new Chevrolet Wheels. There are a lot of auto-part stores that can cater your car part needs. All you need to do is to find a reputable auto-part provider, to make sure you are getting high-quality parts.

A Chevrolet wheel is a simple item mounted on your vehicle which consists of a circular frame with spokes that can rotate on a shaft or axle. The overall power or strength of a Chevrolet wheel depends on several factors, however the way by which the Chevrolet wheel is constructed is the most crucial to the strength of the wheel. The way a wheel is formed and the way a wheel is assembled are the two basic segments or wheel construction.

Chevrolet is like Ford - they are one of the original car companies from way back when, in the days when America was still getting going with the industrial revolution. The first cars that came out were Model T Fords and Chevies. Everyone wanted a Chevette - that was the car to have back then. If you had one of those, you were the coolest kid in school. And they were affordable actually - much less than the cost of a car from today.

Chevrolet still has a strong product lineup today, ranging from sedans, to muscle cars, to trucks. Chevy has a variety of different vehicles available so no matter what you are looking for, you can find something that works well for you. If you are looking for something mean and fast you can look at the Camaro. If you want a truck, Chevy has you covered for one of those too.

Chevrolet & Chevy Alloy Performance Wheels, Impala & Camaro Wheels, Carbon Fiber Trunks - You can find performance wheels and rims here for most Chevy models, including Cavalier, Malibu, El Camino, Corvette, Silverado, Safari & more.

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Chevrolet & Chevy Alloy Performance Wheels, Impala & Camaro Wheels, Carbon Fiber Trunks - You can find performance wheels and rims here for most Chevy models, including Cavalier, Malibu, El Camino, Corvette, Silverado, Safari & more. Chevrolet Custom Wheels, Lights & Mirrors, Chevrolet OEM Factory & Aftermarket Wheels,reviews,automobile,vehicle,chevrolet replacement wheels,impala wheels,camaro wheels,chevy wheels,chevrolet carbon fiber trunks

Many Authorized Dealers for Chevrolet Rims offer Free Shippping on their in-stock orders. With a bit of research, you should be able to find Wholesale Chevrolet Wheels and Rims or at least, you should never have to pay full retail price! It pays to shop around, discounted Chevrolet Wheels on sale will save you lots of money. If the price of new Chevrolet rims is still out of your budget, you might want to consider buying Used Chevrolet Wheels on eBay, or check your local classified listings for other bargains.

This is why consumers often look for a wholesale set of Chevrolet wheels. Kajiji, E-bay and Craigslist are excellent places to find a set of discount rims. When looking for the best deal, it pays to shop around!

Chevrolet models and other accessories information

ALL MID & FULL SIZE RWD 55-88 5X120.7 7/16-RH - L
WAGONS & HD models 55-95 5X127.0 1/2-RH - L
BELAIR,BISCAYNE 77-87 5X120.7 7/16-RH - L
BERETTA 87-on 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
CAMARO 82-92 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - L
CAMARO 93-on 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 70.3 H
CAMARO,IROC Z 85-92 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - L/M
CAMARO Z-28 93-on 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 70.3 H
CAPRICE CLASSIC 90-97 5X127.0 12mmX1.5 - L
CAVALIER 80-on 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
CELEBRITY 80-89 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
CELEBRITY EUROSPORT 82-89 5X115 12mmX1.5 70.3 H
CHEVETTE 75-86 4X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
CITATION 80-86 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
CORSICA 87-on 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
CORVETTE 68-82 5X120.7 7/16-RH - L
CORVETTE 84-87 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - M
CORVETTE 88-89 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - M
CORVETTE 90-96 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - H
CORVETTE 93-96 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - H
CORVETTE ZR1 91-on 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - H
CORVETTE ZR1 91-on 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - H
IMPALA,CAPRIC 77-87 5X120.7 7/16-RH - L
IMPALA 99- on 5X115 12mmX1.5 70.3 H
IMPALA SS 94-97 5X127.0 12MMX1.5RH - L
LUMINA 90-on 5X115 12mmX1.5 70.3 H
LUMINA 90-on 5X115 12mmX1.5 70.3 H
MALIBU 97-on 5X115 12MMX1.5 70.3 H
OVA/SPECTRUM 86-89 4X100 12mmX1.5 - H
PRIZM 90-on 4X100 10mmX1.25 - H
SPRINT 88-89 4X114.3 10mmX1.25 - H
VENTURE 97-on 5x115 12mmX1.5 70.3 H
1/2 TON BLAZER, JIMMY, SUB FULL SIZE 2X4 71-91 5X127.0 1/2-RH - L
1/2 TON BLAZER, JIMMY, SUB FULL SIZE 4x4 71-91 6X139.7 7/16-RH - L
TAHOE, YUKON, DENALI FULL SIZE 4X4 92-on 6X139.7 14mmX1.5 78.3 M
TAHOE, YUKON 2X4 92-99 5X127.0 14mmX1.5   L
TAHOE, YUKON 2X4 00-on 6X139.7 14mmX1.5 78.3 L
1/2 TON TRUCK ALL MODELS 2X4 67-87 5X127.0 1/2-RH - L
1/2 TON TRUCK ALL MODELS 2X4 88-98 5X127.0 14mmX1.5 - L
1/2 TON TRUCK ALL MODELS 4X4 67-87 6X139.7 7/16-RH - L
1/2 TON TRUCK ALL MODELS 4X4 88-98 6X139.7 14mmX1.5 78.3 M
1/2 TON TRUCKS 2X4 & 4X4 99-ON 6X139.7 14mmX1.5 78.3 M
3/4 TON TRUCK 2X4 & 4X4 67-ON 6X139.7 1/2 or 14mm - L
ASTRO/SAFARI 85-on 5X127.0 1/2-RH or - L
AVALANCHE 02-on 6X139.7 14mmX1.5 78.3  
CYCLONE, TYPHOON ALL 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - H
EL CAMINO, CABALLERO 64-81 5X120.7 7/16-RH - L
EL CAMINO, CABALLERO 82-87 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - L
ENVOY 02-on 6X127 12mmX1.5 78.3 H
LUMINA APV 90-96 5X115 12mmX1.5 70.3 H
S-10, S-15 BLAZER, JIMMY, -        
SONOMA 2X4 MID SIZE 82-on 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - L
S-10, S-15 BLAZER, JIMMY, -        
SONOMA 4X4 MID SIZE 83-on 5X120.7 12mmX1.5 - H
SAVANA 1500 01-on 5X127.0 14mmX1.5 -  
TRACKER 98-on 5X139.7 12mmX1.25 - L/M
TRAILBLAZER 02- 6X127 12mmX1.5 78.3 H
VAN G-SERIES 1/2 TON 71-96 5X127.0 1/2-RH - L
VAN G-SERIES, 3/4 TON 96-97 6X139.7 14mmX1.5 - L
VENTURE 97- 5X115 12mmX1.5 70.3 -

Chevrolet wheels change from time to time, and we cannot guarantee these specifications are current. If you have questions to confirm wheel spacing and specifications, please use the contact us form. Please specify there what issue you are having and we will try to help. For exact fitments, talk to the Chevrolet wheels manufacturer, your local dealer, etc. We also have forums available where you can post your wheel related question.

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Volkswagen Beetle 2014 is the new arrival in the market with its increased external appearance as well as a convertible model to suite every personnel for a happy usage onroads. Beetle is with a 2.5 liter five cylinder in the base model and is with 1.8 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine is replaced in the new one.

Toyota RAV4 2014

Five seater Toyota Rav4 2014 is a popular crossover SUV with compact dimensions providing comfortable space for small families. Due to its compact size with lane departure warning system, automatic high-beam control with fuel economy make the RAV4 an efficient product on roads. Driver and the passengers both can definitely enjoy a smooth ride and big space is provided for cargo to be carried.

SUV Wheels

At Choice Wheels, we want to ensure that we have the most variety of wheels that is possible online. We have wheels for sedans, trucks, and you guessed it - SUVs. SUV stands for sport utility vehicle.

The SUV is becoming a popular mode of transport. The concept of an SUV is not quite a truck, but not quite a car. You've got more room to haul things around, a bigger trunk, and the opening to the trunk is usually bigger too.

This is an important distinction to make because often times when you want to fit a larger item into your vehicle, you may have enough space in the back seat or the trunk, but you also need enough clearance from the trunk door in order to make it happen.

Sometimes, you can even see people in the parking lot, taking apart their trunk on their sedan (if they're handy enough) simply because they know the item will fit, but there isn't enough clearance frmo the trunk door. SUVs are great for carrying more and having the space to do it.

Also, in many cases an SUV can carry more passengers as well. There may be an optional additional seat, which can be removed in case of more space being required for people.

About Steel Rims & Alloy Wheels

Steel, Alloy Car Wheels & Rims

  • 2CRAVE - no.2 - 17 Inch Rim x 7 - (4x100/4x4.5) Offset (40) Wheel Finish - glossy black
  • ITP SS316 Wheel - 14x7 - 5+2 Offset - 4/110 - Black/Machined , Bolt Pattern: 4/110, Rim Of
  • ITP SS106 Wheel - 12x7 - 2+5 Offset - 4/137 - Machined, Wheel Rim Size: 12x7, Rim Offset