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We may run out of oil someday, but not in our lifetime. Scientists estimate the Earth will not run out of oil, for at least a few thousand more years. By then, maybe we'll be in flying cars like the Jetsons - who knows! In any case, today we have automobiles that run on gasoline. Diesel has actually become more expensive now than gasoline in most places. At one point, having a diesel engine meant savings on your fuel tank - but unfortunately, that time has passed.

A reason why you need to give utmost protection to your Dodge wheels is because they can also provide your vehicle with a stunning look. Wheels are also among the many auto contraptions that are being enhanced and altered. Hubcaps are the most common wheel accessories. Hubcaps, also known as wheelcovers makes every car wheel stylish and eye-catching because these frills are offered in a variety of designs and styles.

Hybrids are now making their way onto the market. Actually, they've been making their way onto the market for a number of years now. Hybrids are slowly becoming more and more affordable as time progresses. A hybrid still uses gasoline, but it uses less. It also uses electricity and cuts down on the gas consumption. People who are truly trying to make the move towards green energy will like and appreciate the hybrid vehicles. Ford has a hybrid on the market as well as Honda, and some other manufacturers.

Dodge has managed to bring back some of the original classics. This includes the Dodge Challenger, and Dodge Charger. The Charger is currently used by many police agencies and associations to catch speeders and intercept those who decide to run from the law. The charger comes in a couple different variations, as well as some special editions like the RT which is just wicked.

The Challenger is also a revival of a beautiful car. The new vehicle echoes the contours of the old retro vehicle, which was certainly superb to gaze upon. Both Charger and Challenger sport 5 and sometimes 6 liter engines to really get your motor going.

Dodge custom wheels, rims and tires. Purchase a factory set of wheels for your Dodge, like Dodge charger, Challenger, Viper and other. Leave a review of your favorite Dodge aftermarket wheels or purchase on sale.

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Dodge Custom Wheels by Model

Dodge custom wheels, rims and tires. Purchase a factory set of wheels for your Dodge, like Dodge charger, Challenger, Viper and other. Leave a review of your favorite Dodge aftermarket wheels or purchase on sale. Dodge Wheels, Rims, Tires,Custom, OEM, Aftermarket and More,reviews,buy on sale,discount,cheap,kajiji,ebay,craigslist,alloy wheels

Many Dodge authorized dealers offer free shipping on their in-stock orders. Choicewheels is an excellent place to find discount wheels and rims, including wheel packages with center caps, alloy wheels, custom wheel and rims and much more. When installing a new set of Dodge rims or wheels on your vehicle, often times budget is a part to consider.

This is why consumers often look for a wholesale set of Dodge wheels. Kajiji, E-bay and Craigslist are excellent places to find a set of discount rims. When looking for the best deal, it pays to shop around!

Dodge models and other accessories information

ARIES 81-86 4X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
ARIES 86-89 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
AVENGER 95-97 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 67.1 H
AVENGER 97- 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 67.1 H
AVENGER ES 97- 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 67.1 H
CHARGER 2.2 82-86 4X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
COLT 3 79-92 4X114.3 12mmX1.5   H
COLT 93-94 4X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
DAYTONA 82-84 4X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
DAYTONA 85-93 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
DAYTONA 88-93 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
DAYTONA TURBO 85-93 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
DYNASTY 88-93 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
INTREPID 93-on 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 71.5 H
LANCER 85-89 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
LANCER TURBO 86-89 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
MONACO 90-92 5X108 12mmX1.5 - H
NEON 94-96 4X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
NEON 5 94-on 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
SHADOW 87-94 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
SHADOW 87-94 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
SPIRIT 89-94 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
SPIRIT 89-95 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
STEALTH 91-96 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 67.1 H
STEALTH ES,RT 91-95 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 67.1 H
STEALTH AWD, TURBO 91-96 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 - M/H
STRATUS 95-on 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
STRATUS/ STRATUS RT 02-on 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 71.5 H
CARAVAN 84-85 4X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
CARAVAN 86-96 5X100 12mmX1.5 57.1 H
GRAND CARAVAN, CARAVAN LE 87-on 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 71.5 H
GRAND CARAVAN SPORT 97-98 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 71.5 H
GRAND CARAVAN SPORT 99-on 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 71.5 H
D-50 & RAM 50 2WD 79-93 6X139.7 12mmX1.5 - L/M
D-50 & RAM-50 4WD, TURBO DIESEL 83-93 6X139.7 12mmX1.5 - L/M
DAKOTA 2WD,LE H.D. & 4WD 87-90 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
DAKOTA 4X4,(OPT.2WD) 87-90 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
DAKOTA 2&4WD 91-on 6X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
DAKOTA R/T 00-on 6X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
DURANGO, DURANGO R/T 98- 6X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
RAIDER 4WD 86-89 6X139.7 12mmX1.5 - L/M
RAMCHARGER 2WD,4WD With Auto Hubs 75-85 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
RAMCHARGER 79-83 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
RAMPAGE 78-85 4X100 12mmX1.5 - H
RAM 1/2 TON TRUCK 2 & 4WD 94-on 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
RAM VAN 85-96 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
ALL 1/2 TON TRUCK,VAN 71-85 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
1/2 TON TRUCK,VAN 49-70 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
1/2 TON TRUCK 4X4 79-83 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
1/2 & 3/4 TON TRUCK 84-93 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L

Dodge wheels change from time to time, and we cannot guarantee these specifications are current. If you have questions to confirm wheel spacing and specifications, please use the contact us form. Please specify there what issue you are having and we will try to help. For exact fitments, talk to the Dodge wheels manufacturer, your local dealer, etc. We also have forums available where you can post your wheel related question.

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SUV Wheels

At Choice Wheels, we want to ensure that we have the most variety of wheels that is possible online. We have wheels for sedans, trucks, and you guessed it - SUVs. SUV stands for sport utility vehicle.

The SUV is becoming a popular mode of transport. The concept of an SUV is not quite a truck, but not quite a car. You've got more room to haul things around, a bigger trunk, and the opening to the trunk is usually bigger too.

This is an important distinction to make because often times when you want to fit a larger item into your vehicle, you may have enough space in the back seat or the trunk, but you also need enough clearance from the trunk door in order to make it happen.

Sometimes, you can even see people in the parking lot, taking apart their trunk on their sedan (if they're handy enough) simply because they know the item will fit, but there isn't enough clearance frmo the trunk door. SUVs are great for carrying more and having the space to do it.

Also, in many cases an SUV can carry more passengers as well. There may be an optional additional seat, which can be removed in case of more space being required for people.

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Steel, Alloy Car Wheels & Rims

  • 2CRAVE - no.2 - 17 Inch Rim x 7 - (4x100/4x4.5) Offset (40) Wheel Finish - glossy black
  • ITP SS316 Wheel - 14x7 - 5+2 Offset - 4/110 - Black/Machined , Bolt Pattern: 4/110, Rim Of
  • ITP SS106 Wheel - 12x7 - 2+5 Offset - 4/137 - Machined, Wheel Rim Size: 12x7, Rim Offset