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If you talk about wheels, the discussion inevitably includes tires. Most drivers usually install new wheels for two common reasons for aesthetics and to employ large tires. These days, custom wheels are becoming extremely popular. When selecting replacement, aftermarket or custom Ford wheels, there are different factors that must be considered. The rim width, offset, type of wheel, correct capacity, diameter and bolt patterns are the important things that must be taken into account when selecting new wheels.

Should you wish to get one and enhance your vehicle with Ford wheels, the internet has a lot to offer. Online auto parts stores like our partners carry a huge selection of auto parts and accessories so there's no reason for you not to find your needed auto contraption online.

Wheels are also among those auto contraptions which can provide your vehicle added appeal. You can have Ford wheels as a final touch. The good thing about Ford wheels is that they do not only possess good looks, they also provide a wider tire that translates to better traction and handling. You can also employ custom Ford wheels. Custom Ford wheels usually come with innovative rim designs that can go a long way in making your car look stunning and attractive.

The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford. Many people are familiar with this name. Ford is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford manufactures sedans, cars, trucks and commercial autos. Lincoln makes the luxury car lineup. Ford has also manufactured tractor parts in the past, as well as other automotive parts. Ford is well known for developing the first known methods for mass production - the assembly line, in 1914. Ford used the original assembly line methods to become one of the largest automaker in the world today.

Ford was 8th on 2010 fortune 500 list, based on revenues in 2009 of 118.3 million.

Ford owns many interests around the world:

  • The Brazillian SUV manufacturer Troller, as well as the Australian performance car manufacturer FPV
  • 49 percent stake in Jiangling of China
  • Ford owned Volvo from 1999 to 2010
  • 8 percent stake in Aston Martin of the UK
  • Jaguar and Land rover were Ford's former UK subsidiary companies. They were acquired in 1989 and 2000, and were sold to Tata motors in 2008

Ford custom wheels and rims can be found here. Whether you are looking for a factory Ford wheel, or an aftermarket one, Choice Wheels can help. We have Ford custom wheels for sale, as well as reviews that you can check out to help make a buying decision.

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Ford Custom Wheels by Model

Ford custom wheels and rims can be found here. Whether you are looking for a factory Ford wheel, or an aftermarket one, Choice Wheels can help. We have Ford custom wheels for sale, as well as reviews that you can check out to help make a buying decision. Ford Wheels,Rims, Tires,Custom, OEM,aftermartket,,reviews,buy on sale,discount,cheap,kajiji,ebay,craigslist,alloy wheels

Many Authorized Dealers for Ford Rims offer Free Shippping on their in-stock orders. With a bit of research, you should be able to find Wholesale Ford Wheels and Rims or at least, you should never have to pay full retail price! It pays to shop around, discounted Ford Wheels on sale will save you lots of money. If the price of new Ford rims is still out of your budget, you might want to consider buying Used Ford Wheels on eBay, or check your local classified listings for other bargains.

This is why consumers often look for a wholesale set of Ford wheels. Kajiji, E-bay and Craigslist are excellent places to find a set of discount rims. When looking for the best deal, it pays to shop around!

Ford models and other accessories information

ASPIRE 94-on 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
CONTOUR 95-on 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
CROWN VICTORIA 91-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH - M/L
ESCORT 81-90 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.6 H
ESCORT LX, WAGON 91-94 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
ESCORT GT 91-96 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
ESCORT LX 92-97 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
EXP 81-85 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
FESTIVA 87-93 4X114.3 12mmX1.5 - H
FOCUS 2000-on 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
FULL SIZE (GALAXIE,CUSTOM,ETC.) 57-64 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 - L
(CUSTOM,GALAXIE,T-BIRD,ETC.) 65-72 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
(CUSTOM,GALAXIE,T-BIRD) 73-78 5X127 1/2-RH - L
MAVERICK,MUSTANG,ETC.) 64-74 4X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
MAVERICK,MUSTANG,ETC.) 64-73 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
MUSTANG 79-93 4X108 1/2-RH - M
MUSTANG 94-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH - M/H
MUSTANG GT 94-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH 70.3 M/H
MUSTANG GT (OPT.), COBRA 97-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH 70.3 M/H
MUSTANG 5.0GT 85-91 4X108 1/2-RH - M
MUSTANG 5.0GT 91-93 4X108 1/2-RH - M
PROBE 88-92 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 59.6 H
PROBE 93-96 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 67.1 H
PROBE GT 88-97 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 59.6 H
T-BIRD 85-88 4X108 1/2-RH - M
T-BIRD 89-97 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
T-BIRD SC 89-97 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
T-BIRD 02-on 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TAURUS 86-96 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TAURUS 86-on 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TAURUS SHO 97 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TEMPO 83-85 4X108 12mmx1.5 63.9 H
TEMPO 85-94 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
TEMPO 92-94 4X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
ZX2 97- 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1 H
AEROSTAR 85-97 5X114.3 1/2-RH - M
BRONCO 66-on 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
BRONCO II 7 82-90 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
COURIER PICKUP 77-84 6X139.7 12mmX1.5 - L
ESCAPE 01-on 5X114.3 12mmX1.5 - H
EXCURSION 00-on 8X170 14mmX2.0 - L
EXPEDITION 97-00 5X135 12X1.75 87 L
EXPEDITION 2-Jan 5X135 14mmX2.0 87 L
EXPEDITION 02-on 6x135 14mmX2.0 87 L
F1/2 TON F-100,150 TRUCK 54-95 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
F150 TRUCK 96-00 5X135 12X1.75MM 87 L
F150 TRUCK 01-on 5X135 14mmX2.0 87 L
RANCHERO 65-84 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
RANGER 2WD 81-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
RANGER 4WD 7 83-on 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L/M
WINDSTAR 94-on 5X108 12mmX1.5 63.9 H
1/2 TON E-100,150 VAN 68-84 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L
1/2 TON E-100,150 VAN 70-96 5X139.7 1/2-RH - L
1/2 TON F-100 (4X2) POWER BRAKES 80-85 5X114.3 1/2-RH - L

Ford wheels change from time to time, and we cannot guarantee these specifications are current. If you have questions to confirm wheel spacing and specifications, please use the contact us form. Please specify there what issue you are having and we will try to help. For exact fitments, talk to the Ford wheels manufacturer, your local dealer, etc. We also have forums available where you can post your wheel related question.

Alloy wheels & steel rims brands


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SUV Wheels

At Choice Wheels, we want to ensure that we have the most variety of wheels that is possible online. We have wheels for sedans, trucks, and you guessed it - SUVs. SUV stands for sport utility vehicle.

The SUV is becoming a popular mode of transport. The concept of an SUV is not quite a truck, but not quite a car. You've got more room to haul things around, a bigger trunk, and the opening to the trunk is usually bigger too.

This is an important distinction to make because often times when you want to fit a larger item into your vehicle, you may have enough space in the back seat or the trunk, but you also need enough clearance from the trunk door in order to make it happen.

Sometimes, you can even see people in the parking lot, taking apart their trunk on their sedan (if they're handy enough) simply because they know the item will fit, but there isn't enough clearance frmo the trunk door. SUVs are great for carrying more and having the space to do it.

Also, in many cases an SUV can carry more passengers as well. There may be an optional additional seat, which can be removed in case of more space being required for people.

About Steel Rims & Alloy Wheels

Steel, Alloy Car Wheels & Rims

  • 2CRAVE - no.2 - 17 Inch Rim x 7 - (4x100/4x4.5) Offset (40) Wheel Finish - glossy black
  • ITP SS316 Wheel - 14x7 - 5+2 Offset - 4/110 - Black/Machined , Bolt Pattern: 4/110, Rim Of
  • ITP SS106 Wheel - 12x7 - 2+5 Offset - 4/137 - Machined, Wheel Rim Size: 12x7, Rim Offset